Terms and Conditions

Please read this short page, most of your questions should be answered here.
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  • Initial Contact: On the Contact Form, tell us specifically what you need. Please don't be too vague or frivolous. We also speak Pусский, Zhōngwén and Hankuk.
  • Follow-up: Shortly thereafter, a handler will be in contact with you. They may ask you to elaborate. All communications are private and encrypted.
  • Evaluation: The handler will verify that you have the necessary information to successfully complete the task. The handler will then evaluate your request for feasibility. You will then be provided with an estimated time of completion for the service requested.
  • Deposit: If you choose to accept our offer, you will be required to pay 50% of the fee to a cryptocurrency trust account; obviously, you will need to own a crypto wallet before we can help you.
    The deposit not only protects the technician from non-payment but also filters out law enforcement, juveniles and insincere individuals. The deposit is non-negotiable.
  • Hacking Process: While the hack is underway, we ask that you remain patient; hacks can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the task. During this time, please don't do anything that may raise the target's suspicions or jeopardize our work.
  • Balance: Once the technician has completed the task and we've verified their work, we'll send you the results to confirm it for yourself.
    Once this is done, you have 24 hours to send us the balance of the payment.
    Defaulting on the balance has consequences.
  • Security Wipe: Once the balance is received, all technical, administrative and financial elements are securely deleted. No information about the customer nor the technician are documented in any way. Business concluded.


  • We WILL NOT work for or against juveniles. Children are off-limits.
  • We WILL NOT work for or against any sovereign government.
  • If the customer informs the target or tries to interfere with an ongoing hack, we will immediately cease all work and keep your deposit.

Security Advice

Once completed, we highly recommend that the customer delete all compromising data off of all their electronic devices, including backups. Likewise, avoid posting evidence and confessions on social media or taunting the target. Consider using Tor browser and a VPN while using the credentials that we've provided.