Agreement and Consent

By visiting our website and using our services, you must agree to the following:

  • You will use the information provided by us in a responsible manner respecting the laws of your country and the rights of any individual.
  • You understand that the information you obtain not be authorized to be in your possession in your country of residence. You should keep the information private and use it in a responsible and safe manner.
  • Sensitive information is most powerful when it is secret. In the event that you release the information and the situation escalates, you agree to hold harmless FAH and any sub-contractors encountered, in any way, shape or form.
  • Be aware that once the task is completed, we will destroy any and all data, communications, payments and anything pertaining to you or the services rendered.
  • Once completed, you are expected to delete any and all communication pertaining to our services from all electronic devices, including but not limited to Emails, messages, crypto public keys and texts.
  • All technicians encountered are independent contractors; they do not work for FAH "Find a Hacker". Once contact is made, you will be matched with an appropriate technician based on your needs and geographical location. This dissuades any legal repercussions from either party.
  • We will not begin any task until the initial deposit has been received. We will not release the final report until the balance has been paid in full. Proof of completion will be provided beforehand.
  • Prior to starting the task, a quote will be presented. If during the course of the task you require additional information and or services and or if the situation itself complicates, additional fees may apply.
  • If during the course of our services or initial contact we discover that you've violated any of our terms and conditions and or provided false - misleading information, we will immediately cease all communication with you.