Looking for experienced private contractors

As an affiliate member, you will be matched with available jobs based to your skill set and geographical location. Level one hackers will be provided with simpler hacks such as social media website hacks and DDoS attacks. Level two hackers will be offered Email POP and FTP servers to crack. Level three hackers will join ranks with colleagues to overcome bigger challenges together. Pentesters and private detectives will have local opportunities available to them. We do not contract wet-work tasks.

  • Commission: We charge a 20%-50% commission on all tasks assigned depending on your level and type of task assigned. Additional costs such as software, hardware or travel expenses will be covered by us during the job, but withheld at closing.
  • Your obligations are to demonstrate the skills necessary to discreetly and effectively complete the tasks presented to you and to respect all security protocols, maintain absolute secrecy and always cover your tracks. The customer's protection is first and foremost! Pentesters and detectives are required to write a report.
  • Payments: All funds, the initial deposit and the balance are held by us until both you and the customer have fulfilled each of your mutual obligations. The affiliate must have successfully completed their task; leaving absolutely no footprints. Payments are dispersed in Monero within 24 hours.

    Should the customer default on the balance, we will honor your full payment and the defaulted customer becomes a target to all members with a substantial bounty paid to the technician that dispenses the most harm to them.

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Being an affiliate member is an excellent way to sharpen your skills, meet other professionals and earn substantial income. To apply, just fill out the Contact Form on the right. Within 24 hours, we'll get back to you and offer you a monitored, sandbox limited task.
Once confirmed, we'll activate your membership and you can get started!

Script kiddies need not apply.

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