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Find a Hacker Common Services.

Hire a Hacker - Social Media accts

Hire a hacker to hack Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

Find Hacker - Smartphones Hacking

A Smart phone hack provides you with root access to the target's life. Hire a hacker to hack any mobile phone.

Find a Hacker to Website Hacking

Disrupting competitor's website can have excellent results. Find a professional hacker to hack your target's FTP account.

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Hire a hacker - College records

Find a hacker to access college and university servers and change your grades.

Find Hacker - eMail Hacking

eMail account hacking. Hire a professional hacker to provide you with login credentials to Email servers.

Hire Hacker - Computer Hacking

Find a hacker to access a person's personal or professional computer. Hire a hacker for this classic legacy hack.

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Rent a Hacker for Database Hacking

Here at Find a Hacker you can also Hire a Private Detective. Contact Us if you need access to private and or secure records.

Find a Hacker to Locate Missing People

Restricted databases is the fastest and most inexpensive way to find people in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Hire a Hacker for Banking Information

We can access banking information from most institutions, worldwide.

Rent a Hacker for alt Banking Services

Transferwise, Paypal, Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bybit, Bitmex account information available.

Find a Hacker - Police and Credit Records

Full criminal and credit information available in the USA and Canada. Criminal records throughout Europe.

Hire a Hacker for Corporate Espionage

Trojans, key loggers, audio/visual surveillance and phone taps and available anywhere except DPRK and China.

Find a Hacker for Corporate Server Access

Local or remote access into a company server. Obtain immediate information or monitor indefinitely.

Hire a Hacker - Corporate e-Mail Accounts

Access every employee's Email and personal information.

Find a hacker for Overt Disruption

DDoS attacks, virus infections, lock outs and hijacks. Anywhere, anytime.

Find a hacker for Penetration Testing

Don't be a victim. Hire us to harmlessly test your own business against attacks. We'll show you where the vulnerabilities are and how to protect your business. Contact Us! for a quote today.

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FindaHacker (FaH) accepts Cryptocurrency!

All payments at Find a Hacker are in cryptocurrency. Watch this short video to learn more.

Some common exchanges are: coinbase and binance Or, you can buy it anonymously

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Hire a Hacker - Cryptocurrency

To maintain complete anonymity, all payments at Find a Hacker must be in either Bitcoin or Monero. If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency, the video above can help you get started.


Find a Hacker Conditions

Before we start any task, we will require a deposit. The remainder will be paid upon proof of completion. To learn more, please read our Terms and Conditions.

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